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Every public service uses a wide variety of purpose-built vehicles. Gulley emptiers, tower wagons and road rollers are but three examples of the many items essential in maintaining the public services everybody takes for granted. There is also the ultimate backup – the recovery vehicle. As with the other categories, we have assembled a first-class cross-section of these important machines.

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Fire & emergency vehicles
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Dublin’s flying pig
The great variety of vehicles and equipment needed to keep vital services in operation uses two main chassis types. In the past, many were supplied complete by specialist builders like Shelvoke and Drewry but in recent years there has been a growing tendency to use ordinary commercial chassis suitably adapted for the intended purpose.
The collection
A Universal Bedford TK
Stock List
From the early 1930s Bedford trucks carved out a lasting niche in the Irish market, representing excellent value for money. W types were superseded by the O series in 1939, became the utility OW for the duration and reverted to normal specification in 1945.
Towing down the years

Attaching a chain to the rearmost chassis cross member of an old bus once produced a basic but effective towing vehicle. Here we look into how public transport companies recovered their vehicles down the years

The cart before the horse
Here we look at three hand carts that between them represent an era, attitudes and lifestyles that are long gone — but still well worth a study.
In the interests of good health

Vehicles that deal with obnoxious materials and clean septic tanks may not make it into normal polite conversation, but they carry out essential duties in our society. Sludge tankers have been on our streets long before the motor vehicle and here we look at their background on the streets in the greater Dublin area.

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